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Always at this stage I in quandary .
On the one side does not suffer to testify on myself and on the other side must be base and to tell on myself few.
Then like that, I am a person quite rare in my personality, has an attempt of very great life
Mature mental and lives like least!
I live praisworthy varied music, I personally play on several musical instruments.
I write and not songs,
slave to deeply and knowledge and still person that guards on the simplicity.
שם פרטי: דויד
גיל: 41
מין: זכר
עיסוק: מחשבים,מוזיקה, חומרי נפץ
איזור מגורים: מרכז
מצב משפחתי: גרוש
נרשם לתפוז: יולי, 2008

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